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Ecommerce Shopping Portal Solutions

Our ecommerce solutions India cater to B2B, C2B, C2C, B2C & web management category and it can be integrated to any other software. We provide end to end ecommerce software development & online stores solutions to global clients. Our E Shop solutions provide comprehensive customized packages to cater the absolute requirements of clients, who want to take their business online.

For all sort of online shopping portal we have a versatile product called "Emartflow".
Emartflow is a complete solution to build & manage your online store. It's a proven technology platform with integrated payment, logistics & customer acquisition solutions. You need not possess technology skill to run an online store. It is as simple as a regular retailing business.


  • Emartflow allows creation of unlimited store web pages to showcase products. Powerful widgets simplify addition of banners, images and content to a web page. Make changes to the content of the store pages using the on page customization tools.
  • Cost-effective Solution

  • It is a cost effective solution to run your business simply & globally. At low investment and operating cost Emartflow provides you the platform to earn high returns on minimal investment.
  • Ease of managing

  • With Emartflow you can accurately track all sorts of transaction and online activity of your customer. In the process it will help you to get insight to customer behavior and help you to develop marketing strategies.
  • Emartflow streamlines complete Sales process very effectively and efficiently right from customer's registration to the final dispatch of the product or closure of the deal.
  • Brand building & Loyalty solutions

  • Emartflow will help you to create your brand name through innovative promotional tools and enhanced customer experience. Our Loyalty solutions will help you to retain customers and increase spends in your store.
  • Search-engine Friendliness

  • Our application is search engine friendly. You can leverage power of the most powerful tool like Google search to promote your portal globally.
  • Product Review/Rating

  • Product reviews are a very powerful product marketing tool. In fact, research shows that even bad reviews help to sell more product than not showing reviews for a product at all. Our ecommerce solution provides you the option to enable customers to post reviews/rating of the products that you sell.
  • Hot deals

  • Our Application offers hot deal feature, through this you can display products and services at discounted price for a particular time period i.e. for a day or for a week etc.

    Promo code

  • It is one of the most effective tools to entice customer for recurring purchase. By providing promo code to a customer encourages her to visit your store and purchase to redeem it.
  • Analytics & Reporting

  • Our analytical reports help you to manage your business efficiently at the same time it helps you to evolve effective business strategy.
  • Customer support System

  • Enable customers to interact with your representative through chat and mail regarding availability, sizes, warranty, functionality, etc. of products or services. At the same time it will allow customers to register their complaints & grievances helping you to improve the system.
  • Wish list Features

  • Allow a customer to add a favorite product to their wish list, and purchase at a later date. This feature creates convenience for customers.
  • EWallet

  • Customer can make payment by offline mode like cash, cheque, and draft to your company. You can credit the same to her wallet. She can use it to make purchase as per her convenience.
  • Email/SMS Notification

  • Real time E-mail & SMS Service keeps all members update about their transactions. It can be used to inform customers about new arrival of products, offers and deals.
  • Refer a Friend

  • Take Benefit of Referral Marketing through the vital feature of Refer a friend; it allows users to refer others about your site and earn reward points. This helps you getting new customers at nominal cost.

We Mumbai based Ecommerce Shopping portal solutions understands your business goals. You can contact us to look at our optimum Ecommerce Solutions that are developed and designed by qualified team of developers who have expertise in providing best user interface and experience.