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Who we are

A TECHNOLOGICALLY COMPETITIVE IT SOLUTION COMPANY Biztechnologies has seen eighteen prosperous business years. Our client stories are spread across the country, with hundreds of businesses, from upcoming start-ups to established brand names, mapping our quality services.

Time is truly money for us, and we never intended on wasting any. Through the years we’ve broadened our service quantity and sharpened our work quality. Establishing successful partnerships with leading IT giants like Microsoft and Google our ability to provide holistic service packages has only increased. Our numerous custom made services can be covered under the over-arching umbrellas of Mobile Application Development, E-commerce Solutions, Blockchain Solutions and Digital Marketing Solutions. Check out Our Businesses page, see what else we do!

Our team

Our enterprise has ONE team and each member of
this team supports the client’s side.

The enthusiasm of getting work done bounds every team member to the other. Our team has,

  • Developers who build your idea, right from the scratch!
  • Business Analysts who understand your business to its core!
  • Project Managers who keep yourm work going all the time!
  • Designers who make your idea look beautiful to the world!
  • Support Team who serves your customers and ours too!
  • Sales Team who provides solutions that fit your budget!


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Blockchain Solutions

Strike the crypto-iron when it’s still hot!
The market graph shoots higher every day, and the underlying technology gets stronger, in the crypto world. When better than now, to delve into this futuristic market? Our services are equipped to guide you through the ever-transforming world of cryptocurrencies. If you want to create a digital coin, we can develop it on secure POW, POS, Hybrid and ERC-20. Right from promotions with events, to listing on global exchanges, our experts act as captains to your cryptocurrency ship, sailing it towards definite success!

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Digital Marketing Solutions

Give your brand the STARDOM it deserves!
Being seen is being sold! Are you doing enough to ensure brand visibility? Is your brand showing up where your target audience can see it? Can your social media posts generate optimum revenue for your product/ services? If conversions is your problem, Biz Technologies is right here with all the answers! Our Bizwizards have an in-depth knowledge and expertise Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Internet reputation Management, SEO Content, Social Media Marketing and everything that is Digital Marketing.

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E-commerce Solutions

Take your E-commerce business to a new high!
So here is the truth - everything online must face cutting edge competition. Are you equipped with what you need, to come out victorious? A great product, a great team, all your great efforts, bowl down to nothing without a great customer base. Biz technologies help you tap into your audience with the right website tools and marketing strategy. Whatever be your idea – social networking, travel, real estate, online shopping portal etc., we’ll make it happen, your way. Be assured of conversions and profit, with our marketing expertise and technological edge.

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Mobile App Development

The current on-your-finger-tips culture, has given the business industry a whole new sector to explore market gaps. Utility or Entertainment, every mobile app idea has the potential to crack the jackpot. So if you have a mind blowing Mobile App idea, we can hardly wait to hear it! If you are dead serious about deadlines, overflowing with creative ideas and uncompromising about quality, you’ll find your clone in us. We are a super-enthusiastic team that loves to build ideas into realities. From development to design, everything that matters to you, matters to us.

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